Storytelling is a traditional art-form which is still relevant and vibrant today.  It is the telling of stories without the aid of books or any other form of media.

What is storytelling?

My name is Anna Fancett, and I have been a professional storyteller since 2005. Find out about my previous storytelling experience or contact me for more information.

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For more information about storytelling, please see the Scottish Storytelling Centre’s webpage.

Storytelling can reach back in time to the half-forgotten epics of yesteryear, or can repeat yesterday’s anecdote from the pub. 

It has a magic for all age groups, and can be used to entertain, to educate, to share, to persuade and to heal. 

Storytelling can (and does) happen anywhere.  I have been invited to tell stories in schools, museums, churches, castles, festivals, libraries and at living history events. 

“Anna paints a vivid picture, using simple but effective vocabulary and evokes feeling very well.” 

G. B., Story Practitioner