Public Lecturing

“Fantastic as usual, Anna always proves popular with lots of positive feedback.” 

K. H., Events Manager

As a result of my academic work, I have been invited to speak at a number of organisations, including local community groups, guilds and as a representative of the University of Aberdeen at Philosophy Cafe events. 

I have presented on the following topics:

Academic topics:

    What is the point of censorship?

    Should we be worried about what our young people are reading?

    “Something very shocking indeed”: The Emergence of the Novel.

    Are there only seven stories in the world?

Lectures have included sessions on Austen, Tennessee Williams, close reading and exam techniques.  I have also presented on a wide range of topics at academic conferences (see my academic page for more information). 

With Lisa McKenna, I lectured on the topic of Scott and the Storytellers at the National Library of Scotland in 2014.


I have also spoken on ‘the experiences of a storyteller’ and ‘a storyteller’s life.’

I can tailor the lecture to either cover controversial and engaging aspects of literature or the experiences and practice of storytelling.  Lectures can be adapted for your own group’s interests and event format. 

Prices are negotiable.  Please contact me for more information.