Audio Description

I provide audio description for theatres. The Audio Description Association (Scotland) defines audio description as the following:

“Audio description is a commentary for people with sight problems who have difficulty seeing a screen, stage, exhibition or match. In theatre, it helps them to follow what is going on by describing the essential action, body language, facial expressions, costume and scenery.”

I trained to become an audio describer in 2011, through The Audio Description Association (Aberdeen) and have been regularly describing shows at Aberdeen’s His Majesty’s Theatre, including comedies such as ‘Basket Case’, and ‘Yes, Prime Minister’, musicals such as ‘Chicago’ and ‘Legally Blonde’ and dramas such as ‘Abigail’s Party’ and ‘Journey’s End’, amongst others.  I received an Audio Description Skills qualification from the Open College Network and am currently a member of The Audio Description Association, The Audio Description Association (Scotland) and The Audio Description Association (Aberdeen). 

I am interested in working at other theatres, as well as His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen.  Please contact me for more information.