“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anna to a group of any age.” 

J. M. Librarian

Sessions in Homes for Elderly People

I offer a number of sessions which have been designed for residential homes for elderly people.  As such, they are suitable for groups of adults including those with some physical disabilities and mild dementia.  Each session lasts between forty-five minutes and one hour and contains a mixture of activities including: storytelling, music (singing or playing basic instruments), trying on outfits and passing around objects from around the world.  It is hoped that the activities encourage the residents to share their own stories and memories, and time is allowed for this.

The topics can also be taken as the basis for events with schools or with other groups of adults.  Please contact me for more information.


The Silk Road some overlap with Bellydancing, Stories from India and Stories from China:


Stories Behind the Musicals:

Stories of the Forest: East meets West:

Sea Stories:

Classical Tales:

Bellydancing:  Some overlap with The Spice Road.

Stories from India:  Some overlap with The Spice Road.

Stories from China:  Some overlap with The Spice Road.

Stories from Japan:

We start our storytelling journey with a folktale from China before travelling on to a historic story from India.  Between these two countries we smell tea and incense, and look at objects, materials and spices from both places.  We end with some Arabian bellydancing which the residents can do in their seats.

Taking ‘The King and I’ and ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ as our sample musicals, this set explores the historical Anna Leonowens, as well as the Roman story of the Sabine women.  Stories are interwoven with dancing and activities.

Stories of the Forest takes two Scottish folktales and one eastern one to explore what sort of creatures live in the forests!  The stories are intermingled with singing a folk song and playing various basic musical instruments.  The set ends with a sari-trying-on session for those who are interested.

Sea Stories mixes folklore and historic tales.  Items from the seaside are brought in (usually shells and seaweed).  Depending on the day, this set usually includes a song and musical interaction.

Looking at stories from ancient Greek and Roman times, this set aims to bring old stories bang up to date!

I have found that sets with bellydancing are the most popular!  I pass around various parts of bellydancing outfits (including veils, shimmy belts and tops).  I usually tell two or three short stories relating to bellydancing and teach some moves in between the stories.  At the end, some residents play percussion instruments whilst those who want to join in the dance.

Using my collection of Indian items, material, tea and incense, I attempt to provide a sensory insight into this fabulous sub continent.  The story behind the Taj Mahal is the most popular individual story I’ve told to residents so far!  As this set is fairly short, I usually tag another bit onto the end, such as bellydancing, to bring the session to the full hour.

Similarly to the Indian set, this session interweaves a story from history and a story from folklore around items, teas, incense and material brought from China.  As this set is quite short, I usually combine it with another one, such as the Indian stories or the bellydancing set, to bring it to the full hour.

This sets builds on different elements of Japanese folklore and intertwines music and passing around objects with stories.