Storytelling for adults:

I have told stories to adult audiences on over a hundred occasions, many of which were regular events.

Venues include:

  1. Aberdeen University Storytelling Society

  2. Grampian Association of Storytellers

  3. Churches

  4. Community and Church Guilds

  5. On stage at the Lemon Tree theatre and Music Hall, Aberdeen

  6. In libraries and museums

  7. At the Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh

Storytelling for children:

I am frequently invited to tell stories to children in schools, as well as in other settings, including:

  1. Nurseries and holiday clubs

  2. Churches

  3. Pubs

  4. Hospitals

  5. Museums

  6. Castles

  7. Festivals

  8. Libraries

Storytelling out of doors:

Storytelling out of doors can be a really exciting experience for both adults and children.  My experience includes storytelling out and about with:

  1. Regular ghost tours in Aberdeen

  2. Re-enactment stories at Archaeolink

  3. Harvest festivities at a community vegetable garden

  4. Outside areas of schools and castles

Storytelling workshops:

Storytelling workshops can be tailored to any group and can be suitable for children and adults, beginners and more experienced storytellers.  I have led workshops for:

  1. Schools (primary and secondary)

  2. Student groups

  3. Adult groups

  4. Grampian Association of Storytellers and Blether Tay-gither storytelling group

Storytelling at festivals:

Storytelling can bring the theme of a festival alive for all age groups.  My festival experience includes:

  1. Seafest, Abroath

  2. Wickerman at Archaeolink

  3. Gadiefest

  4. Belladrum

  5. St Ternan’s Fair

  6. See, Salt and Sound

  7. MRI

I officially began storytelling in 2005, although, as with most storytellers, I have been telling stories my entire life.  In 2009 I achieved accreditation from the Scottish Storytelling Centre. 

My storytelling journey has taken me to a variety of places, some of which are mentioned below.

“Anna has been a great asset to our storytelling sessions.  She is engaging and imaginative in her presentation of stories to both adults and children.” 

K. H., Events Manager

International storytelling:

Since 2015 I’ve been spending the majority of my time overseas, first in Saudi Arabia, then Japan, China, and finally, Oman. I’ve also been a guest storyteller in Thailand. I’ve told stories to various international audiences including:

  1. International storytelling clubs in Saudi Arabia and Japan (run by myself).

  2. Schools (local and international)

  3. Universities

  4. Culture clubs

  5. After school clubs

  6. Ticketed public events

  7. Festivals

  8. Museums

  9. A children’s library