Anna Fancett


Research Interests

My primary field of research has grown from my PhD thesis which explored the ways in which Walter Scott and Jane Austen use familial motifs to simultaneously uphold and subvert conventions of genre and narrative. To do this I looked at three parts of each novel: the plot, the discourse, and the narrative voice. Following on from this, I have combined my academic research with my role as a professional, traditional storyteller to consider the relationship between orality and literature. Below is a list of projects that have either already been published or that I am seeking publication for.

  1. The connection between maternity and writing in Walter Scott’s novels (article).

  2. The role of maternity in Scott’s Count Robert of Paris (article).

  3. Walter Scott’s presentation of fatherhood (article).

  4. Jane Austen and Walter Scott on infancy (book chapter).

  1. A comparative exploration of Chinese and British contemporary story-collecting (book chapter).

  2. A comparative exploration of Chinese, Korean and British storytelling with a focus on passing on stories to the next generation (book chapter).

  3. Storytelling in the novels of Walter Scott (article, co-written).

  4. International storytelling (magazine article).

  5. Storytelling for the elderly (magazine article).

  6. The role of listeners in storytelling (magazine article).

  1. Predicting the future in Walter Scott’s Guy Mannering (book chapter).

I have also had a textbook chapter on Walter Scott published and a couple of reviews.

I am currently working on turning my PhD thesis into a monograph.

Additionally, I am open to other avenues of research relating to literature, storytelling, or pedagogy. I am always keen to collaborate with others on any of these topics.